Thursday, March 17, 2011

MTC Randoms (email dated 03/16/2011)


I don't have a lot to say today... probably because you do the same thing every day in the MTC, which is good, just not a lot happening. But I'll give you a little taste of what goes on everyday.

6:30- I wake up and get ready

7:00- Breakfast, we're usually a little late to breakfast, so that only gives us like 10 minutes to eat before we have to go to class

7:30- Be in class. It's usually Personal Study time for an hour, then companionship study for an hour, then missionary directed time for an hour, and then Lunch or Gym

12:15- After you eat you go back to class. This is when we have a teacher who teaches for like 3 hours until dinner time.

4:30- Dinner (which is a weird adjustment to get used to.. this is when I'd normally be having lunch!)

5:15- Be in class, and another teacher teaches for 3 hours until 8 or so, then it's Language study until 9, planning the next days events, and in your dorms at 9:30, and bed at 10:30. I don't even care if my bed is uncomfortable, by the end of the day bedtime is all I can think about.. haha they keep you working hard!

But on Monday the other Hermana's in our room moved out and went to Chile! We miss them, but its my companion and I with a whole room to ourselves! We're having the time of our lives! haha There's 4 beds unoccupied, so I took over some extra pillows and actually slept really well last night! I also moved down to the bottom bunk, I hate the top one! It's awful. Umm.. Gym time is really fun. I usually play volleyball with the Elders, and let me tell you- they're rough players! I almost broke my nose yesterday when they spiked the ball in my face.. haha. I just laughed though. But I've discovered that I'm actually pretty decent at volleyball. I wasn't at all coordinated in High School, which is why I didn't play sports, but I was totally bringing my A-game yesterday at gym. The Elders were pretty impressed.

Like I said, I LOVE my district. The Elders are so hilarious. They are soooo different from each other and they way they are paired up as companions has led me to believe that the Lord definitely has a sense of humor! I'll send a picture of my district home one of these days, I just have to get it developed. It's hilarious. The Elder from Atlanta that I talked about in my last letter does this 'Diva Pose' it's the greatest! I just wish there was a 'Bring your family to the MTC day'.. Just so you could see what I mean when I say I love my district, companion, and teachers.

Well family, I love you all so much. Thank you for all of your emails and letters and support! I'm having the best time of my life, and even if my mission isn't all that successful (but I know it will be.. ;) I'll at least know that I made a lot of life-long friends here. And a lot of questions have been asked about if I can email. I can to family members, but they only allow 30 minutes of computer time, which isn't any time at all, considering this whle thing took me about 25 minutes.. haha. So DearElder me. I can get those the next day, and it provides me with your home address so I can write back. I love you all!

Hermana Rasmussen


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